The Amazing Spider Man 3 Movie Cancelled, New Marvel Spider Man Movie to Be Titled ‘The New Avenger’, And More News

According to various sources familiar with the happenings at Sony Pictures, The Amazing Spider Man movie franchise might have hit a roadblock. After the second movie’s failure to meet the expectations brought on by the first movie, a third installment in this franchise was stopped even before it could get off the ground. Recently, the internet was thrown into wild confusion as different sources claimed how the present actor in The Amazing Spider Man franchise was going to be replaced by another one.

According to most of the Amazing Spiderman series cast and its fans worldwide, Andrew Garfield is our legitimate friendly neighborhood hero. Critics from various sources were commending the idea of a third installment in this franchise and provided quite positive reviews and expectations regarding this idea. Andrew Garfield was highly praised for his performance in the first movie and this could have been the responsible for the quick release of the second installment.

Sadly, The Amazing Spider Man 2 did not get as much love as the first movie in this franchise. The critics provided mixed reviews and generated 53 out to 100 in Metacritic. In case you are not sure, this is not at all a good score when you are considering a blockbuster film. Furthermore, numbers speak. The second movie brought in $700 million worldwide while the first movie generated a little less than $800 million.

In terms of box office performance, both these movies are comparable but the first movie beat Transformers with an opening night of 35 million dollars in box office. Meanwhile, recent news indicates that the weight of the third installment is too much and as a result, it’s been cancelled.

The second movie brought in money but had issues with its performance, from the critics. As a result, it’s hard to digest that there isn’t going to be a third movie in this franchise. When it comes to superhero movies, a trilogy is usually expected. However, according to an online source, the movie was cancelled last week and this might have something to do with Marvel Pictures trying to acquire the license back from Sony Pictures.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider Man 3 Movie Cancelled, New Marvel Spider Man Movie to Be Titled ‘The New Avenger’, And More News”

  1. oh , no this is a bad news , Spidy is my favorite hero and 3rd movie part was cancelled…. so , i Hope they will make it….

  2. Noooooo….. Not another reboot… I just dont understand what Marvel is doing with spidey movies… the first 3 were excellent… the next 2 were ok… the reason for the last 2 movies to fail was because of a reboot… how many times do we fans need to see how spidey gets his powers and re starts to learn them over n over again…. it gets really boring and not interesting at all…. i am already not feeling like watching the new spidey movie coz i cant be bothered to watch peter parker get his powers again for the 3rd time on big screen…. its just borriiing….. time wasting… u want to relaunch a new spiderman franchise.. pick up from where the first 3 movies or the second 2 movies stopped…. but pls dont put us through the horror of a full on reboot.. it will be a box office disaster guranteed…..

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