The Amazing Spider Man 3 Movie Cancelled, New Marvel Spider Man Movie to Be Titled ‘The New Avenger’, And More News

According to the same source, Marvel is not at all happy with how Sony has been portraying the Spiderman. If Marvel gets the license, the company feels that it will be able to represent a better and stronger character and they might already have a storyline to go with it. At the moment, there is no additional information coming in from Marvel. This includes an absence of information regarding the next actor to be playing the Spiderman role for the big screen.

In other news, Spiderman is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the character will get his own spin-off movie in the year of 2017. According to reports from Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, the new Spiderman will be called Spider Man: The New Avenger. The new title contradicts the previous rumor that this title will be called Spectacular Spider Man.

However, the new title means a lot as it indicates the difference from the previous two movies. If Marvel gains control, Spider Man should be portrayed as an integral member of The Avengers.

Stay tuned for plot predictions, rumors and speculations on The Amazing Spider Man 3!

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider Man 3 Movie Cancelled, New Marvel Spider Man Movie to Be Titled ‘The New Avenger’, And More News”

  1. oh , no this is a bad news , Spidy is my favorite hero and 3rd movie part was cancelled…. so , i Hope they will make it….

  2. Noooooo….. Not another reboot… I just dont understand what Marvel is doing with spidey movies… the first 3 were excellent… the next 2 were ok… the reason for the last 2 movies to fail was because of a reboot… how many times do we fans need to see how spidey gets his powers and re starts to learn them over n over again…. it gets really boring and not interesting at all…. i am already not feeling like watching the new spidey movie coz i cant be bothered to watch peter parker get his powers again for the 3rd time on big screen…. its just borriiing….. time wasting… u want to relaunch a new spiderman franchise.. pick up from where the first 3 movies or the second 2 movies stopped…. but pls dont put us through the horror of a full on reboot.. it will be a box office disaster guranteed…..

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