House Of Cards Season 4: Underwood To Be Taken Down By The Media, Old Faces To Make A Comeback, And More News

House of Cards is all set to stun its fans once again with yet another season. The series continues Frank Underwood’s story with its new and upcoming season 4. Netflix has gone ahead and confirmed that the pre-production work for season 4 in underway and we will have the next season debut sometime in 2016. Rumours have been going around about what will the fans be treated to in House of Cards Season 4.

The New York Times has reported and confirmed the news that House of Cards Season 4 will roll out sometime next year and with yet another terms comes more political drama. All speculations show that the upcoming Season 4 will be a much more exciting one than the previously aired Season 3, which was rather slow paced. We hope this time around they come up with something that is a little fast paced and keeps its viewers glued to the screens.

iDigital reports that the upcoming season will have its central focus on Underwood’s downfall. Season 4 is expected to revolve around the beginning of the end for Underwood. Frank Underwood, the President of USA will be played by Oscar winning star Kevin Spacey.

It is also expected that some characters from Season 1 and 2 might have a comeback in House of Cards Season 4. The forgotten faces will work towards bringing Underwood off the power and that lofty stature of his. One of the old faces to make a comeback is Constance Zimmer who will be played by Janine Skorsky.

Most of Season 3 showed Frank to be defensive. He was dodging all the political attacks made at him or his position. It was only in the last episode where things seem to go out of hand for Frank, but the good news is that he has not lost it yet.

Claire Underwood is expected to come in as a villain in the 4th season of House of Cards. Considering the information she has and the position she holds in the White House she is the perfect one to pull Frank off power and ensure his downfall.