House Of Cards Season 4: Underwood To Be Taken Down By The Media, Old Faces To Make A Comeback, And More News

Rumours suggest that instead of a political drama it will be the media that will go ahead and facilitate the process of Frank Underwood’s downfall. Journalism and media will expose him in front of the people of America. Justice will be served for his past, which looks rather shady with all the dealings he has been in.

Constance Zimmer being a journalist plays a major role in digging out stories and facilitating Frank Underwood’s downfall in the coming season.

With all the drama set to unfold, Underwood threatened to have a downfall and old faces from season 1 and 2 making comeback in the 4th edition, it just could not get any bigger for the House of Card’s fans. It is just time that will help us understand the happenings of the White House, until then all the fans can do is wait and re-watch season 3.

Expected shooting for Season 4 begins sometime in June and will get over by the end of the year. Fans can expect House of Cards season 4 on air by sometime in February next year.