Mortal Kombat X Features the Workings of an Exceptional Fighting Title with Incredible Details, And More News

Fighting games don’t get better and well-designed than Mortal Kombat X. About four years ago, developer NetherRealm Studios rebooted the complete Mortal Kombat franchise while fundamentally pushing the beloved fighter into the modern period while completely maintaining the shape. It is a fully and uniquely maintained soul. In 2015, we get the Mortal Kombat X and it is truly the best Mortal Kombat till date.

In simple words, this is fighting game heaven. In terms of gameplay, the game looks exceptional and is every bit the next-gen fighter title it was expected to be. NetherRealm doesn’t really push the cutting edge of this title with lighting and shading effects. At the same time, it does a more-than-awesome job of maintaining a detailed and clean visual style and further details show up in every battle.

The highlight of Mortal Kombat X is the new character known as Ferra Tor, a massive creature controlled by a tiny girl who sits on its head. During the course of the battle, the girl will get repeatedly thrown off she’ll again make her way back to the creature and regain her position. In the end, it’s quite distracting enough to be noticed in the battlefield and quirky enough to be worth watching.

On the other hand, the fighting is simply sublime. Earlier, it seemed like the game would be seated behind other successful fighting franchises like Street Fighter, however, with X, Mortal Kombat has regained a new armor with superior polish. The move and combos are full and fair and none of the brawls seem to be unfairly matched.

The gamers who prefer detailed environments will be happy to know that none of the settings featured in X, are stagnant. Each of the environments are carefully detailed and outlined and in certain cases, you can jump off an elephant in the center or use the flames in the corner to your certain advantage.