Mortal Kombat X Features the Workings of an Exceptional Fighting Title with Incredible Details, And More News

The action is always moving with small tweaks included like that of a stamina meter which further helps to balance the gameplay. Mortal Kombat X stands between easy to pick and fight and graded properly to be worth learning. The tone achieves a perfect balance between agonizingly bloody and campy where Fatalities and X-Ray attacks drive both extremes.

In each of the battles, X-Ray is the primary gambit. There are graphic combos that deal with exceptional damage if they connect properly while being full of fighting-game exaggeration. You will need to fill your X-Ray meter in order to pull it off and then you’ll be treated to a visual feast! It could feature a character poking another’s eye out or breaking a back, while skeletal close-ups provide an orgasmic level of violence!

Meanwhile, the crypt is one of the biggest challenges posed to gamers who purchased the game and wanted to unlock all the Fatalities, Brutalities along with minor things like Backgrounds and Kutie Icons. If you wish to grab everything, you’ll have to do a lot more than gamble away your Koins in the Shrine of the Dead but there’s nothing to worry. You’ll need to head over to the Dead Woods Cemetery and locate the shrines at co-ordinates 11 and 13. However, you will need Jax’s Rocket Launcher in order to open the gate at -11, 11.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Mortal Kombat X!