Subway Surfers Review: How It Outperforms Temple Run 2? And More!

Subway Surfers is among the elite class of the thousands of games that feature an endless running mode. Due to this, the game has received millions of downloads across different online stores and markets. You can download the game for free on the Android, IOS, and Windows Phone platforms. Made by Kiloo, Subway Surfers is available on the iTunes market or the official App Store.

It can be freely downloaded and installed into your IOS device. From the App Store, you can search and download the latest version of Subway Surfers. The latest versions of this App come with new features, for example, you can play the game with a wider choice of characters.  The game can be rapidly downloaded due its compact size. However, in order to get better download speeds, you should make use of a Wi-Fi connection.

Similar to the App Store, Subway Surfers is also free-to-download in the Android Market. Even here, it features millions of downloads. The game comprises a world tour where it has updates on a city after every month. All these Subway Surfers versions are available for download on the Android Market.

Subway Surfers follows a very simple gameplay. While you are running through an endless city, all you need to do is keep collecting coins and rewards. The main character needs to avoid trains and obstacles while they are running. With well-perfected rolls and jumps, you can easily accomplish this. However, as you progress, the gameplay speed increases and it gets more difficult to dodge obstacles and jump over trains.

Among the endless running games available, Subway Surfers is definitely one of the unique ones. Like Temple Run, you can buy additional characters for a better and fresher gameplay experience. There are also limited-time characters which you can attain by collecting special rewards. The characters and cities are available for every month. Usually, characters can be collected with 95000 coins. You need to save your coins in order to experience a better gameplay.

Furthermore, the game gets really interesting when you start competing with friends. You can compete in order to find the player with the highest score. Although it offers the same endless gaming, the missions are quite enjoyable to keep coming back for more.

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