Viber vs. WeChat vs. WhatsApp vs. Line: Selecting The Best, And Reviews!

When it comes to internet communication, WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat are the three best apps available. Within a short period less than ten years, these three apps have managed to revolutionize the way in which people communicate. Nowadays, people hardly ever make use of telephone and mobile carriers in order to send or receive messages.

With these beauties, Users can send messages and make free calls regardless of the recipient’s location in the world. All three apps are quite different in nature even though they appear similar from a distance.


WeChat is a Chinese start-up which managed to live on and spread its multitude of services to over 400 million people, spanning over five different continents. Similar to WhatsApp and Viber, WeChat allows free exchange of messages with each other. As far as free calling is concerned, WeChat and Viber are on the same page. However, there are certain unique features in WeChat including one that allows you to find new friends. Viber allows users to send invitations to people who don’t use it.

With WeChat, people can use features like ‘Shake your bottle’ and ‘Drift a bottle’ in order to connect with new and random people who use this app. You can also make your conversations livelier using a massive sticker market exclusively for WeChat. Meanwhile, the WeChat Moments feature allows users to share their best photo moments with other friends.


Viber can be categorized as a free-calling app that is more than just an instant messaging platform. You can use it to make free instant messages and free voice/video calls to people using this application. It is the main reason behind Viber’s huge worldwide success. A large collection of stickers allows you to spice up your text conversations as well. Furthermore, Viber includes a PC and a tablet version as well.

On top of all these features, Viber users can make affordable calls to non-users which a feature totally absent in the other applications.


WhatsApp started functioning in 2009 and since then it is the most popular application when it comes to the instant messaging world. As a result, WhatsApp has managed to include 700 million people in its service. WhatsApp was introduced at a time when Skype was all the rage and, as a result, the developers found it quite difficult to convince people into using this app.

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  1. Viber is a very good app. I like it for it’s clarity of voice calls. But WhatsApp or WeChat are not also bad either.

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