Scandal Season 4: Denham and De Rossi Make a Cameo, DC’s Elite Are Under Threat!

Scandal Season 4 episode number 16 ‘It’s Good to Be Kink’ features Lena Dunham in a guest appearance. Olivia Pope learns about a major threat. This time it involves exposing eminent personalities of Washington DC. The D.C. gossip writer has some dirty secrets to reveal and there’s going to be scandals galore if she isn’t stopped.

According to the official plot summary, the female threatens to leak out sex secrets of people of importance from DC. The episode revolves around the revelation of secrets whereas on the other hand Elizabeth fears that Mellie’s sister could become a major hindrance in their political ambition.

Official teaser for the upcoming episode that is doing the rounds on the internet shows d Lena Dunham  laying the role of the geeky lady who knows things that matter about the people who matter. Olivia is all set to spring up and do what requires to be done about the gossip writer who has big revelations to make.

When Lena Dunham was interviewed by Grantland, she accepts that she had always wanted to play a guest role in the series.  When asked by the producer and the writer about the kind of role she was looking at, the answer was, rather evil. She looked to play a senator who has wrong doings under her name.

The sneak peek video that is available shows Lena Dunham to be rather shocked to meet Olivia. Reasons behind the shock only lies in episode 16 to aired on Thursday. By the end of the video, Olivia threatens Lena of destroying her and assures her that she will get her revenge for it. To the delight of the viewers, Episode 16 will also feature Portia de Rossi in a special appearance.

To build further suspense among the viewers the role of Portia de Rossi has been kept under the covers and one has to wait and watch ‘It’s Good to Be Kink’ to know about her role.  Rumors are also heard about Stephen Finch, the old gladiator who might make a comeback into the series post the end of the guest role played by Henry Ian Cusick in episode 13, ‘No More Blood’ written by Matt Byrne and Directed by Paul McCrane.