Scandal Season 4: Denham and De Rossi Make a Cameo, DC’s Elite Are Under Threat!

Fans are anticipating as to whether Finch’s role will be permanent or guest in nature. Cast members namely Jeff Perry, Tony Goldwyn, and Bellamy Young of the series have recently been interviewed by Refinery29 at the Paley Fest 2015 at Los Angles, where they have revealed the biggest spoilers that the fans need to watch out for during watching Season 4 of Scandal.

Jeff Perry spoke about a “Cyrus focused” episode where they talk about how he becomes the person he is today and also features four different time periods of his life. The actor feels that viewers who are Cyrus lovers will be more than just excited to understand him and the character he plays in the series.

To add on to the spoilers we had Goldwyn talk about the relationship between Olivia and President Fitzgerald where he clearly says it’s still on the rocks and the viewers need to keep watching the series to come across the new twists and turns the writer has waiting for them.