Grey’s Anatomy Season 11: Mer Questions Her Marriage While Owen And Amelia Come Together, More News

Is Derek cheating on Meredith? Will Amelia and Owen start of as a couple?

This and a lot more to come in the new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11.  Jo (Camilla Luddington) finds out that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has been performing late night surgeries and rounds and she hadn’t lost a patient for 89 days. When she talks about this to Alex (Justin Chambers) the two realise that she has been having a “streak”.

On hearing the news, Meredith contemplates that may be she is better off without Derek in her life, since her “streak” was coinciding with the time when Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had moved on to Washington D.C. She realises soon enough that she loves Derek too much and decides to call and share the good news with him.

The phone call is set to change a lot in MerDer story. Meredith’s call is answered by a woman and in spite of asking repeatedly “Who is this? There is no answer and the woman hangs up.

Mer is hit with the sudden realisation that Derek is capable of cheating on her because he has done it previously as well. She talks to her “person’ Alex and says that Derek had left his previous wife Addison ((Kate Walsh) after falling in love with Meredith and had started a new life with her. She wonders if he has met someone while working in Washington, but is not ready to face the answer yet.

While Meredith wonders what to do, the Gray-Sloane Memorial Hospital is rocked by an earthquake. Although nobody is hurt inside the premise, the hospital is crammed with patients coming in. Owen (Kevin McKidd) gets a call from a kid named Ruby, whose mother is pinned down after the hospital. She has been unsuccessful in connecting to 911 and called the hospital instead.

The doctors immediately decide to help her out via phone. Owen finds out from the mother’s voice that she has an obstructed airway and asks Ruby to puncture a hole in her mother’s chest to relieve the pressure. Ruby uses a skewer to do it on her own under the guidance of Owen and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).