Subway Surfers Review: How It Outperforms Temple Run 2? And More!

Meanwhile, in the world of Mobile and Facebook entertainment, a particular game taking inspiration from another is nothing new at all. Surprisingly, there are instances where the parent game was outperformed by a game which copied from it. The situation is similar to what happened with Subway Surfers and Temple Run. In fact, presently, Subway Surfers has given Temple Run 2 a run for its money.

In both these games, the primary objective is to keep running as long as possible. Both these games feature the same obstacle-dodging mechanics and feature power-ups that are scattered throughout the gaming world. However, both these addictive games differ on the aspect of graphical themes.

Popular belief dictates that Subway Surfers has a much greater vibrant feel to it. Another difference is that, Temple Run 2 is more difficult with tight corners which make it difficult for the player to plan ahead and survive. All of these corners are 90 degrees sharp. With Subway Surfers, one can plan ahead, dodging obstacles between three tracks on a semi-curved subway.

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