‘Sister Wives’: Meri Leaving The House, Season 6 Has More Twists

Sister Wives has been bringing in a lot of twist and turns for its fans. Last season ended with Meri deciding to divorce Kody so that he could marry Robyn legally and adopt her kids. It looked like the Meri will be present in the house even after ending her 25 years of marriage with Kody, but recent developments show otherwise.

It was Reality TV that shared a post from Meri on Monday, which gives the sense that Meri has left Kody and is looking to be moving on with it.

On the completion of 25 years of the couple, fans saw Kody wish Meri and say that he would like to have another 25 years with her. This tweet was royally ignored by Meri. She did not comment neither did she repost this tweet.

Whereas, if you are to looks at Meri Brown’s Twitter account, it has a lot of random sayings and quotes. She has been quoting things like she is not where she should be, but thanking god for not being where she was all these days.

This is not all, she has also said that every girl needs a good man.

Only time will say as to what is there in Meri’s mind. Has she taken the call of leaving Kody for good, or will she still be staying around in the house. She has shown of interest in perusing her studies. Is this one of the big decisions that she is taking by herself?

Fans have to wait until the show is back on TLC. The good news lies that Sister Wives has been officially renewed for yet another season and it is just time before we have answers to all these questions.

Sister Wives Season 6 is expected to be back by this fall. After all the Twitter activities from Meri speculations suggest that she will not be in the house for long. She has called off her 25 year long marriage and has been exceptionally quiet about her future in Sister Wives on her anniversary.

Season 6 of Sister Wives will see Kody marrying Robyn legally so that he can go ahead and adopt the kids her previous marriage. Robyn has been fighting a legal battle for the custody of the kids. Marrying Kody legally would solve a lot of problems for Robyn, and would certainly make her case stronger.

3 thoughts on “‘Sister Wives’: Meri Leaving The House, Season 6 Has More Twists”

  1. Meri has a boyfriend on Twitter and in real life it is all over twitter. She is leaving fa sho. This guy is the real deal.

  2. Meri is a woman who always puts the welfare of others before herself. She would never intentionally do anything to interfere with the great love Robyn and Kody have found in each other. Kody’s happiness is all Meri cares about, even though it does not involve her anymore. Meri supports the romantic union and mutual bliss of Kody and the love of his life, Robyn. Meri is proud to have been a part in Kody’s quest to find the perfect woman for him, Robyn, his dream wife. Meri finds great joy in the happiness of others. Meri is a remarkable servant to Kody.

  3. Meri deserves to have a man who loves her and supports her goals and Jody just doesn’t seem to be that person anymore, she wanted so badly to have another child and Kody saying no but having children with wife 4 that has to really hurt

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