Assassin’s Creed Will Never Be Cod Even with New Deals Offering Xbox One and Black Flag-Unity Below $300!

The hype about the next Assassin’s Creed game is slowly inching towards the gamers with a lot of gaps, pauses and deliberate decrease in velocity in the middle. The reports suggest that Ubisoft has scheduled an event to take place this Tuesday and it promises the final unveiling of Assassin’s Creed: Victory which is probably going to be called Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate by now. It seems like Victory could actually denote a hard ending which we know isn’t going to be happening.

Sadly, it seems like Assassin’s Creed will keep on going until we finally beg it to stop. Ubisoft seems to have fancied the Call of Duty type annual release every fall. However, Call of Duty’s yearly release formula is difficult to compete with and there are reasons why the Assassin’s Creed franchise is struggling to generate excitement so consistently with their annual releases. Call of Duty has its own tailor-made formula.

Keep in the single player campaign limited to five-six hours and then let the avid gamers sync with the gripping multiplayer action. On top of that, a new challenge-mode series promises a ‘Zombie gameplay’, Spec-Ops challenge and something or the other every year. Each year, you will notice the game being broken down into bite-size chunks. Gamers can easily get through the five-hour long campaign and most people will enjoy it since there are multiple difficulty modes, suited for everybody.

Finally, when it’s all complete, you get the opportunity to play as much multiplayer and co-op mode that you like. You can start from playing ten matches to a thousand, whatever you like. They usually range from 5-15 minutes, hence there’s no limit.

This entire concept is greatly in contrast with Assassin’s Creed where gamers have to trudge along a 20 hours+ campaign which demands attention for a very long period of time. The open world setting keeps getting bigger each year. This not only means a greater number of missions but also more loots, chest, collectibles, side missions, hunting and quests to go through.