Downton Abbey Season 6: End Not Far, Fans Expecting Loose Ends To Be Tied Well, And More!

Downton Abbey has always been a show that makes the viewers feel good and up. Despite all the confusing events that occur in the Crawley family, people like to tune in to the show to enjoy the oneness and love that we hardly see in present times.

The show has given its fans shocking twists and turns when they least expect it. With only eight episodes left for Downton Abbey to go, fans are apprehensive to find out what’s in store for their favourite characters.

Downton Abbey Season 1 was aired way back in 2010. Fans have enjoyed it 5 seasons until the showrunners decided to tie all the loose ends and give the characters their fitting ending. With the final episode of the six season long series just months away, Julian Fellows the co-creator of the show, has promised fans that the creative team will deliver an ending that the fans will love.

Fellow has said that its difficult ending a show that’s enjoyed such a huge fan following, but he said that they felt it was correct to end the series naturally rather than drag it on.

The finale of Downton Abbey Season 6 is set to be aired in December 2015. It is said to be a Christmas episode. With the show ending on a Christmas episode it is difficult to say how will fans come in terms with the fact that the doors of Downton Abbey is going to be shut forever.

One of the biggest questions that fans have in their mind is will Tom finally get to be happy at the end of the show? Tom has been through bad times in the show. With losing his lady love in Season 5 and then planning to go away to America, it will be nice to see if he manages to have a happy ending at the end of the show. We also have fans who would like to see Rose and Tom get hooked up.

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  1. I’d be shocked if anything happens with Tom and Rose. Tom moved to the US and Rose was married to Atticus. Never saw serious attraction between them.

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