Selena Gomez Reuniting With Bieber? BFF Swift Unhappy With The Development!

It’s time to reunite. That’s what it looks like. It certainly does look like that the Hillsong Church in LA has brought Selena Gomez and her boy love Justin Bieber back together. The old love birds were spotted together at the Hillsong Church for an event. This is not where the story ends.

The once-upon-a-time lovers were spotted sharing laughs and rapping together in a video that was filmed and uploaded by the pastor of the church, Rich Wilkerson Jr. The video has been uploaded on Snapchat and since then it has gone viral.

The two caught up together with some more friends at the church for a meet up conducted for the youth group. A few days back we heard Justin say that he is on his way to reform his bad boy image and we guess this is where it all starts for the 21 year old star.

It certainly looks that the boy is determined and he will not leave any stone unturned to get things going ones again with Selena Gomez.

We do not see everyone happy with this development. No, we are not talking about one of Justin Bieber girl fans. It is Selena Gomez’s army who is not too happy about it. No no, it isn’t one of her fans here that we are talking about. It is Taylor Swift that we have been hinting at!

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been the best of buddies for some time now and well Taylor is not too happy to see her ‘Best Friend Forever’ patching up with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. She has said it loud and clear that she is least bothered about Justin Bieber. This clearly shows that the best friend of Selena does not seem to be approving this relation.

Sources have reported that Taylor is not just going to stop at showing her displeasure regarding the affair of her best friend and Justin Bieber. It is said that she will walk the mile and try and put some sense into Selena to make her realize her point of view.

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