Chris Evans: Announces The 6 Winners Of 500 Word Story Competition From St James Palace, More Details

Chris Evans is all set to portray his best conduct today because he has a royal appointment. Chris Evans will be hosting his Radio 2 Breakfast show live from the St James Palace. It was on Friday when the 50 children who were the finalists of the 500 words short essay competition were present at the Palace.

Duchess of Cornwell, Camilla hosted all the kids along with some of the noted celebrity narrators like Charles Dance, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Jeremy Irons. They read out the winner’s story for the listeners.

We had the Duchess say that it is important for every child to know how to read and write, but she said that what brings a story to life is the way it is being told. She appreciated the initiative taken by BBC to conduct a competition that allows a wide array of students to venture into the world of writing.

In the past 5 years of this competition, it has seen itself grow and every year BBC has seen an increase in the number of applicants that apply. Year after year the judges have been having a hard time to choose the winning story among all the beautiful entries by kids from all over the country.

It certainly looks to be a great step towards improving brevity skills among young kids.

The reason behind the finale of the event being conducted in the Palace is that the Duchess is an avid reader and member of organisations like the Book Trust and National Literacy Trust.

The 5th year of the competition saw 120,421 entries there were sorted out with the help of thousands of volunteers. The competition allows anyone below the age of 13 to write a 500 word short story on a fictional topic.

It was finally on Friday that we had Chris Evans announce the 6 winners out of the 50 finalists in a live telecast from the St James Palace. Chris as the master of ceremonies was noted appreciating the effort of every single child who had sent in his/her entry. He went on to say that all the 120,421 kids had done a commendable job in creating sensational stories.