‘Sister Wives’: Meri Leaving The House, Season 6 Has More Twists

On Twitter we have seen Meri stay silent over the congratulation messages from her family on account of her 25th marriage. All she has been posting about, is believing signs, getting back to pursuing her higher studies and achieving dreams.

Is she giving signs to the fans about her exit from the Brown house? We have no idea about what will be coming the way of the fans in the near future.

TLC is yet to come out with the premier dates of Sister Wives season 6. The upcoming season of the reality show is getting exciting with every passing episode. There have been a lot of twists and turns in the recent past and fans are eagerly waiting for what’s waiting for them in the near future.

We have to wait and watch before we have conclusive answer to all these the speculations and questions.

3 thoughts on “‘Sister Wives’: Meri Leaving The House, Season 6 Has More Twists”

  1. Meri has a boyfriend on Twitter and in real life it is all over twitter. She is leaving fa sho. This guy is the real deal.

  2. Meri is a woman who always puts the welfare of others before herself. She would never intentionally do anything to interfere with the great love Robyn and Kody have found in each other. Kody’s happiness is all Meri cares about, even though it does not involve her anymore. Meri supports the romantic union and mutual bliss of Kody and the love of his life, Robyn. Meri is proud to have been a part in Kody’s quest to find the perfect woman for him, Robyn, his dream wife. Meri finds great joy in the happiness of others. Meri is a remarkable servant to Kody.

  3. Meri deserves to have a man who loves her and supports her goals and Jody just doesn’t seem to be that person anymore, she wanted so badly to have another child and Kody saying no but having children with wife 4 that has to really hurt

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