FIFA 16 Won’t Be Released On 3DS, Vita or Wii U, More Information

Last week, we saw FIFA getting into a huge scandal when United States accused the soccer organization of corruption. Currently, it seems like some fans of FIFA won’t get to play the next big installment of FIFA 16. An Electronic Arts representative told Pocket Gamer that there isn’t a Vita or 3DS version for the upcoming game. However, the representative refused to comment on the repercussions of this issue for the mobile port of this game. They currently do not have any further details on the mobile port.

On top of this, Polygon also discovered that EA will also not release the Wii U port of FIFA 16. After 2000, this is probably going to be the first time that FIFA doesn’t receive a Nintendo Port. For the gaming community, this decision to not release FIFA 16 for 3DS and PS Vita is quite saddening. However, the decision regarding Wii U isn’t that surprising as EA hasn’t developed a Wii U version of the game for quite some time now. This sad announcement comes a week after EA declared that FIFA 16 will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on 22nd September.

An EA representative spoke with PocketGamer and announced that FIFA 16 wouldn’t release on handhelds while staying noncommittal regarding a mobile release. The representative further declared that they don’t have any further details regarding this issue and will release more information in due time. Meanwhile, a year ago, EA COO Peter Moore further hinted that future support for PS Vita and 3DS would be minimal as the company will shift focus to current generation consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However, the firm will still provide support for last-generation consoles for Sony and Microsoft along with PS Vita and 3DS. Moore also told that they are quite supportive of both the platforms. However, they might have infinite resources and teams that say how two, three years from now, these are the platforms that people will be playing games on. Furthermore, these teams take a look on the quality that can be achieved on mobile platforms. Moore declared that sometimes strategy is not about what one does but what one doesn’t do.