FIFA 16 Won’t Be Released On 3DS, Vita or Wii U, More Information

When managing so many people, he declared that it is highly imperative to make some hard calls. Last year, FIFA 15 was released on both handhelds and EA Sports decided to release the football title on Wii instead of Wii U. Meanwhile, FIFA 13 was the last release in the franchise for Nintendo’s latest console offering. There is a lack of the FIFA 16 title on the Wii U and as a result it is safe to surmise that Nintendo gamers won’t be playing a FIFA video game this year.

Meanwhile, gamers are commenting how they expected that there wouldn’t be a 16th edition for Vita since the game runs on an outdated engine and keeps delivering the same features all the time. Even if the game was released on Vita, it would be nothing more than a minor update. Gamers have expressed that the FIFA games on Vita isn’t much fun as they feature the same boring Career mode with an outdated setting. Furthermore, it also uses the same FIFA 10/11 outdated engine on the PS3.

Stay tuned for more updates on FIFA 16!