Scandal Season 5: Scott Foley and Huck Likely to be Eliminated, Joe Morton Talks about Rowan!

Scandal Season 5 is just a few months away and there is a rumor that Scott Foley (Jake Ballad) will not be returning for the upcoming season. Celeb Dirty Laundry was the first one to inform that Jake Ballad is having an issue with his co-star Kerry Washington and this issue was the reason for him leaving the show.

While Jake Ballad has confirmed to his fans that he will be returning for Scandal Season 5 he did add that creator Shonda Rhimes has hinted that his character’s end is near. His character Jake Ballard incurred wound shots at the end of Scandal Season 4.

Experts reveal that Jake Ballad has very particular opinions being a veteran actor and often has a spat with Kerry Washington, who is a very independent minded actor. With Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington being very close, Jake knows that his time in the show is almost up.

Fans feel that since Scott Foley is one of the popular characters in the series, he might not be eliminated, but everyone knows that popularity is no measure for Rhimes. If she feels like eliminating a character, she will do so irrespective of what the viewer sentiments are.

Fans believe that Rhimes has already created the plot for an early exit for Scott Foley in Scandal Season 5. The last season showed Foley telling goodbye to Olivia and urging her to go be with the man she truly loves- President Fitzgerald.

With the news of the trouble brewing between Jake Ballad and Kerry Washington, there is a lot of speculation among fans that the situation on set might have been tense between the two and it is because of this issue that Jake Ballad might be removed from the popular series.

Scandal Season 5 will also pick up the father-daughter relationship between Olivia Pope and Rowan Pope (Joe Morton). The last season showed Olivia sending her father off to prison in a case of fraud. After repeated struggles, she had succeeded in finally pinning him down for his association with the B613.

However, given the position that Rowan Pope enjoys it’s only a matter of time that he is out of prison and out to seek revenge from his own daughter, Olivia. While talking to HNGN, Joe Morton explained his character. He said that it is terrible that the only way to understand if a father loves his daughter is if he doesn’t try to kill her off.

Morton believes that Rowan Pope has becoming so dark and sinister because he cannot reach Olivia in any other way. The only way he can make his daughter respond to him is if he tries to harm her.

When asked what’s in store for Rowan Pope and how quickly will he be able to step out of the prison, Morton said that he himself doesn’t know what’s in store for his character because he is yet to know the script.

Given the kind of stature that Rowan Pope enjoys, he feels that he will be out of the prison very soon, but what happens next is something that Shonda Rhimes will alone know because she is a master at changing the plot in the last minute.

He said that the entire star cast doesn’t know what’s in store for them in Scandal Season 5 because Shonda Rhimes doesn’t tell them what is the subsequent storyline until they sit together for the final reading.

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  1. Interestingly, I read a Twit post by Shonda Rhimes admonishing fans of her various shows that the shows are make-believe: in other words get a grip. But it seems that she doesn’t take her own advice. Why should someone’s off-screen issues affect the on-screen story: as in the case of Foley and Washington? Really?! It is a sad indictment against the movie industry that actors get a little fame, and become demi-gods; thus, a mega-star is rubbed the wrong way and has an off-screen fit that affects the livelihood of others. Bad examples for the upcoming stars, who will replace the current generation – as did the current generation replace the previous. Professionalism is about learning from one another – not taking out a measuring stick (women engage in measuring stick contest, too.) This isn’t any psyco-babble, it just an observation. Scott Foley is an excellent actor, who brings much to the table. I hope Shondaland doesn’t become Kerryland.

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