Transformers 5: Michael Bay Rumored to Direct, Plot Inspired from Star Wars, Megan Fox’s Return Anticipated!

The Transformers’ universe is expanding Marvel’s style of movie-making. It seems that Michael Bay may stick to the franchise for a long time. Recently, Mark Wahlberg, the star of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction revealed that Transformers 5 will release in 2017. Moreover, this movie will be directed by none other than Michael Bay.

Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction was the highest grossing movie of 2014. Wahlberg, who was casted in the character of mechanic and inventor Cade Yeager, made sure that he will be available for the two successive sequels of the movie. Mark revealed that Michael Bay, who directed the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction will be directing Transformers 5 too.

Rumors indicate that Bay has announced that he would “pass the baton” in the hands of a different movie-maker. Mark Wahlberg in an interview said that he will start working on Transformers 5 as soon as Bay comes back. Michael Bay is currently in Malta, shooting “Benghazi” and Mark Wahlberg is in New Orleans and is at present working on the movie “Deepwater”.

As no actual date has been announced, but it has been assumed that the script of Transformers 5 will be completed by the time.

Paramount Pictures took a very good step by still now keeping Bay as the director of the Transformers series.  The director is rewarded for the huge success of the first four Transformers movie. The Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay has earned $3.8 billion.

The fourth part of this movie series, which is The Transformers 4: Age of Extinction has also earned more than $1 billion all over the world. It was also considered to gain a huge amount of money in spite of getting critical acclamation.

Earlier, Bay said that he will not be directing after he finished Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, producer, Transformers series, expressed his feelings to the Paramount Pictures that he doesn’t know that if Bay stops directing the Transformers series then who will be directing it. In other words, there is no one to replace Michael Bay.

Michael Bay has indulged himself in the pre-production of Transformers 5 since he is the executive producer of this particular film. The director is also working with the team of writers of Paramount production house, which also includes his responsibility.

For the script of this particular movie, Paramount Pictures has created a team of writers for this job. The production house has also hired a group of exceptionally brilliant writers. Akiva Goldsman is the one who will be guiding this whole group of brilliant writers.

Goldsman said that this group of writers was planning to set up a legendary timeline for this particular line action thriller.

In an interview with Deadline, the Academy-Award winning writer Akiva Goldsman said that this sudden thought behind getting this team all together and also how the team got motivated by the teams behind Monsters Room and Star Wars.

Transformers 5 will also showcase many new types of robots. These new robots are Ultra Magnus, Blitzwing, Scourge, Cyclonus, Override and Red Alert.

Optimus Prime selected Ultra Magnus to take control of the Earth after he leaves the Earth and moves to space in order to deal with the Deceptions that were moving passively through space where he will face the most vital villain and the name of the most vital villain is Unicron.

Sources say that Cyclonus and Scourge are introduced in Transformers 5. Cyclonus and Scourge has been introduced in Transformers 5 so as to specify that some new kinds of Deceptions has been sent which has been recycled from the dead parts of other robots and also to organize all his policies to devour Earth. Some new female robots will also be added along with the above-mentioned robots.