Spider-Man Reboot: Introduction of a New Villain, Makers Adapting John Hughes Movie-Making Method!

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has recently revealed information about the Spider-man reboot. Tom Holland, a 19-year-old boy who was casted in “The Impossible”, has been chosen to play the role of the new Spider-man for Marvel Studios. Holland is appreciably very younger than the two men who played the role of Spider-man in the previous movies that is Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Feige also said that casting Tom Holland was intended. He chose Holland as the new Spider-man since he explains that the face of a young Spider-man is quite similar to the face of the Spider-man seen in the first comics made by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

He said that in this Spider-Man movie, the superhero’s relationship with the Marvel Universe will be explored and the facts are bound to be interesting. Feige adds that the younger he is, the more exclusive and the more different he would be in respect to the other Marvel heroes.

According to the Slash Film, it has been previously fixed that Holland will portray the role of Peter Parker during his years of high school. This movie will fully explore the young Peter Parker. The role of young Peter Parker was not portrayed in the previous films.

Feige also said that this movie Spider-man Reboot will not only introduce new villains, characters or supporting characters but will also show different aspects of Peter Parker. He also said that Marvel is searching for a villain that was never introduced in the other Spider-man movies.

A source unveiled that the new villain character who is being considered for this particular Spidey movie is Kraven the Hunter. The project is still under the stages of development. A source provides this information that every discussion related to this project is going on “behind the close doors”.

Well, there two important reasons for adding Kraven. The very first and foremost reason for adding this character is that this character has never appeared before in any Spider-man movies. And the other reason for adding is that this very character has the “skill set” which is showcased after a civil war superhero.

Kraven the Hunter would be an updated form of the character which is there in the Spider-man comic book. A source reveals that Kraven would be the first villain that the young Peter Parker will deal with.

The new Spider-man movie will be directed by John Watts and will be produced by Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige. The movie is set to release on July 28th, 2017.

Watts will direct the 19-year-old Holland in Spider-man reboot which is all about the life of Peter Parker when he was in his high school. He was asked to report directly to the set after the entire casting was made official.

Feige also said that the movie will be created in the style of John Hughes movie. This will elaborate how everything in high school seems like life or death. And in the meantime Holland has already mastered all his skills like jumping from the rooftop, etc.

Feige also said that he is also turning back at the movies made by John Hughes for inspiration just to handle Tom Holland’s Spider-man. He also said that it’s like the soap opera in high school, and the supporting characters seems to be very much appealing.