Sara Will Die In Prison Break Season 5, Michael Scofield Alive, Purcell Lets Out The Scoop About His On-Set Accident!

The fans of Prison Break are earnestly waiting for the premiere of the much awaited fifth season. There were a lot of things that were left unanswered in the finale of Prison Break Season 4. It has been a long wait of over six years for the fans of the series, and they will be lapping up all the scoops available on Prison Break Season 5.

Sportrageous has reported that Prison Break Season 5 is going to depict the death of one of the primary characters, and reports suggest that Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) will die in the upcoming season. There is speculation that the death of Sara will be a dramatic one and will remain memorable to the viewers long after the season ends.

The character of Sara Tancredi was expected to die in the very first season of Prison Break, but since she had a huge fan following, the writers decided to keep her alive until the 3rd season of Prison Break. The third season showed Sara being shot dead, but because of the huge backlash from the viewers, the writers reworked the whole episode and made the shooting turn out to be a fake one.

After being alive for over four seasons, it looks like the character of Sara is surely set to die in Prison Break Season 5 and nothing is going to change the mind of the writers this time around.

Prison Break Season 5 will open with Sara settled down in her life with her son, Michael Jr. (Christian Michael Cooper) and her new husband, Paul Adelstein (Paul Kellerman). Sara had lost her husband in Prison Break Season 4, and it had been a difficult time for her. However, with time she has healed and has moved on with her new life.

This is when the ghosts of her past are going to crop up and shake her up. Sara will find out that her ex, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is alive and has been living in a Yemen prison for all these years.

The whole premise for Prison Break had started with Michael going ahead to free his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) when he was sentenced for a crime he hadn’t committed. Once Lincoln finds out that his brother is stuck in the Yemen prison, he will start a mission to break him out of it. According to Games N Guide, the new tattoo that Purcell is flaunting will be decoded in the fifth season.

Prison Break Season 5 is going to premiere in the first half of 2017 and according to International Business Times, the cast of the series has just wrapped up their schedule in Morocco and have returned to Vancouver.

The Moroccan shoot had seen a small accident when Dominic Purcell ended up injuring himself. However, this didn’t stop the cast members from going ahead with the shoot since they are determined to complete the filming and release the series.

Apart from the three lead cast members, numerous other cast members from the previous four episodes are going to reprise their role. Robert Knepper is going to be back to play the role of Theodore T-Bag Bagwell. Amaury Nolasco will reprise his role of Fernando Sucre, and even Rockmond Dunbar will be back as Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin.

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