Apple iPhone 7 Will Feature Some Design Changes, The Upcoming Device Will Come With 32GB, 128GB and 256GB Storage Variants!

A lot of us already have an idea regarding the design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. However, latest reports indicate that there will be a significant change in it.

The home button will be redesigned by Apple. Independent reports from 9to5 Mac and Business Insider reported that the home button would be replaced.

The device will instead, feature a touch-sensitive surface that goes flush with the display. Apple will make sure that you get the feeling of the button via haptic feedback, similar to the MacBook’s Force Touch Trackpad.

There were previous reports in April which talked about the same thing. Apple will get customers used to this new haptic feedback technology, thereby paving the way for something more innovative in the future iPhone 8.

LG announced back in May that it could make a fingerprint sensor that is integrated into the display and with that, a home button will be no longer needed.  You can be sure that Apple will take one step at a time so as to prevent any damages.

Users will never upgrade to newer devices unless they notice any visual changes. The company can win over its fanbase by introducing the new home button.

The latest rumors indicate that Apple wants to reject the 16GB variant in its upcoming line of iPhones. The company is yet to confirm such a speculation, but a Chinese website reported that the new iPhone 7 would come with three different variants: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

Earlier rumors suggested that Apple would include 32, 64 and 256GB storage models while WeChat reported that they would 32, 128 and 256GB variants. It indicated that the company would finally stop releasing a 16GB variant.

9to5Mac reported that if Apple chooses to offer a 128GB variant in the middle-tier, most people will not be interested in the 256GB top-tier variant. The report further listed prices of the upcoming iPhones. The 32GB iPhone 7 variant will be priced at $794.51, the 128GB at $914.71 and the 256GB will be priced at $1064.96.

The iPhone 7 bottom and middle tier models will feature the same pricing as in the iPhone 6S. Rumors indicate that the company will be launching smartphones with 4K camcorders that come inbuilt.

However, that doesn’t mean that Apple will increase the storage sizes to 32, 128 and 256GB. This year, the iPhone 7 will receive a minor design change while the device released in 2017 will undergo a complete design overhaul.

People have already seen a lot of excellent concept designs for the upcoming iPhone 7. At the same time, others are not too excited.The device will come with some interesting design changes, and it will change the company’s pattern of offering a new design every two years.

A YouTube channel decided to introduce a hand-made iPhone 7 concept mocks Apple in a way. PeripateticPandas revealed this new physical concept design which shows the iPhone 6S with some slight modifications. You will see the headphone jack soldered shut while the second set of speaker grills were drilled in its place.

An electric saw was used to prize off the rear camera from a second iPhone and stuck onto the prototype to introduce the rumored dual camera setup. After that, the device receives a new color from a fresh coat of paint along with repositioned antenna bands. An Apple-style introduction video was also released, featuring a few issues from the rumored design.