Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Use An iPhone-Type Home-Button, It Will Sport A 4K UHD Display With New Features like Smart Glow Notification!

There are a lot of similar-looking smartphones, and they have a tendency of copying Apple. However, the pill-shaped home button in Samsung smartphones is one of the brand’s few aesthetic features which define it. Reports indicate that things will be different with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

There a couple of patents suggesting that Samsung will be redesigning their home button. According to Patently Mobile, one of these patents showcases a circular home button, and reports indicate that it will be used as a fingerprint sensor. Sadly, this new home button looks and feels a lot similar to that of iPhone’s. At the same time, we have rumors that Apple will be discarding their old home-button.

If Samsung decides to use the iPhone home button, it will stir up the old Apple copy-cat accusations that the company used to suffer from. The South Korean tech giant managed to shake off such remarks through innovative designs, but this could be a terrible move. However, this time, things could be different since Apple is planning to discard their old home button as well.

Meanwhile, another Samsung patent shows a fingerprint sensor that is located at the back. It will be located on top of the device, and the camera module will be placed on the right side. Keep in mind that Samsung might not use either of these.

Even if Samsung decides to use them, they might not be present in the upcoming Galaxy S8. On the other hand, fingerprint scanners could be discarded since the upcoming Note 7 will be using an iris scanner. At the same time, expectations suggest that Samsung will be changing a lot of design elements with the Galaxy S8. Things will be different from the older Galaxy S6 and S7.

There are a lot of features that people are expecting to see in the Galaxy S8. Samsung decided to work on virtual reality with the launch of Galaxy S7. It was considered to be an ideal match for its Gear VR headset.  S7 features a Quad-HD display that works perfectly with the Gear VR headset.

However, the company should increase the resolution in the S8 to compete with the rising VR standards of the current market. Therefore, one can expect a 4K display in the Galaxy S8. During the recent Display Week, which took place in San Francisco, a 5.5inch 4K display made by Samsung, was noticed by Upload VR. It had a massive 806ppi pixel density.

We have no guarantee that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will feature this display, but it is certainly a possibility, considering Samsung’s new interest in making VR-ready flagship models.

With the Galaxy S7, some regions got the Snapdragon 820 model while others received the Exynos 8890 processor. We would love to see the rumored Snapdragon 830 processor in the Galaxy S8.

If you are eagerly waiting for the Galaxy S8, knowing the release date is a must for you. There are no confirmed leaks which suggest a release date for the Galaxy S8. However, looking at earlier patterns, you can easily determine when the S8 will be released. The first Galaxy S was launched in March 2010 with the S2 being launched in 2011 February.

The Galaxy S3 was launched in 2012 May while the S4 was launched in 2013 March. In February 2014, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S5 and in March 2015, the Galaxy S6 was released.  Recently, we saw the Galaxy S7, which released in February.