Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Use An iPhone-Type Home-Button, It Will Sport A 4K UHD Display With New Features like Smart Glow Notification!

You can clearly see that Samsung loves launching their new flagship models in the months of February and March. Samsung follows this launch pattern because of the MWC, a tech show that focuses on phones and tablets every year.

The Unpacked conference by Samsung is when new devices are announced every year. If Samsung doesn’t change its launch pattern, we can expect to see the Galaxy S8 from 27th February to 2nd March.

Meanwhile, a lot of specs and features of the Galaxy S8 are being revealed online through rumors. It is possible that the device might sport a 4K UHD display with something called ‘Smart Glow.’

Samsung recently introduced their new Bio Blue Screen technology which will be superior to the Super AMOLED displays used in their current-generation flagships. New display panels will be used in the Galaxy S8. Therefore, you can expect to see this technology being used in it.

The Galaxy S8 could use a new feature known as Smart Glow notification. This new type of notification will be located on the rear camera ring. There is a possibility that this might replace the small LED light in the front.

It is widely known that new flagship devices always feature the application of innovative technologies. The 4K UHD screen in the S8 will have a display resolution of 2160×3840 pixels as reported by GottaBeMobile.

Stay tuned for more information on the Samsung Galaxy S8!