Apple iPhone 7 Will Feature Some Design Changes, The Upcoming Device Will Come With 32GB, 128GB and 256GB Storage Variants!

It included the new stereo speaker setup which makes it difficult to use the iPhone 7 in landscape mode since the speakers get blocked. The dual rear cameras were mocked, and it pointed out that the protruding lens is yet to be fixed.

The new color option was introduced to fool people with the same basic design that they have been using for the last three years. In reality, you can expect the iPhone 7 to be more polished. Sadly, the company could face a lot of criticism if it decides to adopt the same design in this year’s iPhone.

Meanwhile, a lot of people want to know about Apple’s upcoming plans. People are always looking for rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone, and this has become a problem for Apple. Web sites have been talking about curved screens, vibrant OLED displays with new styles and designs.

Everyone wants to see what Apple has in store for the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone. However, the first decade for iPhone isn’t up until next year. It is expected that iPhone 8 will deliver all these amazing technologies. Apple might not have confirmed any details about their future planning, but some ideas have already been hardwired into people’s minds.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on the Apple iPhone 7!