Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Feature an Iris Scanner, New Display Panel Leaked By Android Authority!

People have been waiting for Samsung to introduce a new security system on their upcoming smartphones. With it, users can unlock their devices just by looking at it. Recently, trademarks were registered for Samsung Iris and Samsung Eyeprint.

There is a new Galaxy Tab Iris tablet which already has this feature. Judging from these trends, the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 phablet will sport this feature as well. It is expected to be released in August this year. A new patent application was filed on 13th July, and it explains this new technology adopted by Samsung.

According to the patent application, there is a new front facing 3-camera system that captures images of the eyes and face simultaneously. The system makes use of multiple images while using information from the face to locate and inspect the iris.

It is from the iris that the user is finally identified. Capturing and examining the full face ensures that the scanner can determine how far the face is from the phone. It ensures that the iris can be scanned properly in a suitable position.

There is also an infrared illuminator that will assist the process of iris recognition. The patent also reveals that the camera system can be switched between normal front camera mode and iris recognition mode, with the help of an application.

Will the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 feature this new camera system? We’ll just have to wait and see. The new device should be named Galaxy Note 6 considering the fact that last year; we witnessed the launch of Galaxy Note 5. Before that came the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note 3.

However, latest rumors suggest that the upcoming device will be called Note 7 instead of 6. This is yet to be revealed by Samsung but the renowned leaker Evan Blass tweeted about the number seven branding. He has been providing accurate leaks for quite some time, and this should be true as well.

Samsung will change the name of this device so that the Note lineup can successfully synchronize with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which were launched in March this year. Reports indicate that Note 7 might launch in August 2016 in Europe.

This will comply with the company’s previous release cycle from 2015. Before 2015, devices in the Note lineup were launched in the month of September during IFA. Evan Blass already tweeted in June that Galaxy Note 7 will be launched exactly two months later.

Meanwhile, Android Authority leaked a new display panel which features a gap on the bottom, where the home button is supposed to be. The number of holes on the display panel has increased which further confirm rumors regarding the presence of an iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris was recently launched in India, and it features an iris scanner necessary for biometric authentication. With the new technology on the Note 7, users will be able to unlock their devices by just looking at it.

There will be no flat-screen, and the new device will feature a dual-edged display. It is expected that the device will run on a Snapdragon 821 processor with 6GB of RAM under the hood.

It will feature a 12megapixel rear camera, 5megapixel front camera, and a 3600mAh battery. The device will run on the new TouchWiz ‘Grace’ UX, based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS.

A lot of people wish to buy this upcoming phablet from Samsung. Therefore, you should know all you can about this device. The new smartphone will be released a month before Apple launches its upcoming iPhone 7.