Scorpion Season 3 Will Delve On Toby And Walter’s Move To Come Clean With Their Feelings, Happy To Be In Focus, Premiere Episode Title Revealed!

It is official that Scorpion Season 3 will be out on 3rd October. The second season of Scorpion had ended with a major cliffhanger, and the fans of the series are waiting to find out what’s next for Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Paige (Katharine McPhee). The geniuses might be doing very well in their professional lives, but things weren’t going anywhere when it comes to their personal lives, especially Toby and Walter’s.

The two guys decided to take the big leap of faith and try to come clean about their feelings after much deliberation. The third season has already been revealed to be an interesting one since Toby and Walter are going to go after the women they love and from what has been told, things aren’t going to be good.

Toby had decided to come clean with his feelings for Happy at the end of Scorpion Season 2, but things didn’t go according to plan since he was kidnapped right before he could speak out to Happy. When he finally did go out and propose to Happy, the fans and Toby were equally devastated to find out that Happy was married.

Eddie Kaye Thomas spoke about what’s in store for Toby and said that he wants the fans to watch Scorpion Season 3 to find out what happens when the whole team finds out about Toby’s proposal to Happy and gets to know that Happy had been married all along. The ramification of Toby and Happy’s awkward situation might be reflected on the whole team.

Ever since Toby and Happy started working together, the fans of the series knew that they had a connection. They always knew that these two will end up together and were happy when Toby finally decided to open up and speak out about his feelings to Happy. However, the writers had some other plans in mind, and they got Happy to be married.

Scorpion Season 3 will also throw light on Walter and Paige’s relationship. This was another couple that the viewers had been rooting for, and they are hopeful that the writers have a happy ending planned for them.

Ecumenical News reported that the executive producers of Scorpion Season 3, Nick Wootton and Nick Santora, have been planning for Toby to come clean with his feelings for a while now. However, the complication with Happy being married was something that they worked on from January this year and decided to go ahead with it.

Wootton and Santora teased that Happy and her husband are going to be the focus in Season 3 of Scorpion. The news of Happy being married is going to have an impact on the entire team, and they will be curious to know who she had been married to for so long.

Talking about the Walter and Paige relationship, the showrunners said that while they cannot guarantee a moment where the two of them are going to hold hands and run through a valley full of flowers, they are likely to end up together. Walter has to act fast or else he is in danger of losing Paige to Tim (Scott Porter).

Keeping aside the romantic angle from Scorpion Season 3, the upcoming season is going to be a hard-hitting one since the very title of the premiere episode puts the whole season into perspective. The writers have always done a lot of experiment with the titles and this time round; they have decided to name the premiere episode of Scorpion Season 3, Civil War.