Lady Gaga Confirmed For American Horror Story Season 6, Season Teaser Hints At Antichrist, Cheyenne Jackson Confirms His Role!

There is a lot of anticipation for American Horror Story Season 6, but there isn’t much clarity on what the fans can expect in the coming season. For now, the fans are aware of some of the actors who are going to be a part of American Horror Story Season 6. Recently it has been revealed that unlike the large cast that the series has every year, this time, it is going to go ahead with a small cast.

Parent Herald has reported that Jessica Lange had taken a break for the fifth season of American Horror Story. That was when Ryan Murphy got in Lady Gaga.

The Hotel saw Lady Gaga play the role of The Countess. Lady Gaga won the hearts of the viewers with her performance, and they agreed that The Countess was tailor-made for the songstress, and she owned the previous season of American Horror Story.

It is no surprise that the producers are keen on getting Lady Gaga back for American Horror Story Season 6. If Jessica Lange comes back in, the upcoming season is surely going to focus on these two powerful actors. However, some reports suggest that the sixth season of the popular show might not be exclusive to Lady Gaga and Jessica Lange.

The teaser for American Horror Story Season 6 has revealed that that Antichrist Michael Langdon will be a part of it. Michael was born when Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) raped Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton), and he got the name of Antichrist in Murder House, from Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange).

The main reason for the fans believing that this season is going to bring in Michael is because the teaser for American Horror Story shows a red colored number six with a question mark intertwined with it. The black background with the red characters hint at the demonic number of 666 and hints at the appearance of the Antichrist.

As reported by Zimbio, 666 is considered to be the number of the beast according to Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation from the New Testament. When the social media account of American Horror Story updated their promotional photos for the sixth season, fans had initially thought that the number six was a clear sign for Season 6. Then they went on to frame three different copies of the same logo, which brought in the three ‘6’ lined up together.

The showrunner, Ryan Murphy had already revealed that Season 6 of American Horror Story is going to be about the children and their connection to the horror genre. Inquisitr reported that the upcoming season would be based on the present, with flashbacks into the past. Recently it was revealed that the sixth season is also going to incorporate elements of the opera, and it is quite possible that given the teaser, it will be about a demonic child.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy had already informed that each season of American Horror Story might have a new story to share, but viewers have noticed that each of the seasons have a connection and it is believed that Season 6 will show how each season has been linked.

There are innumerable fan theories based on American Horror Story. The fans think that American Horror Story is going to come to an end with nine seasons since it is based on Dante’s Inferno, each season highlighting one aspect of hell. In this context, it is evident that American Horror Story Season 6 is going to be an important one, given the significance of the number six.