Balrog Introduced In Street Fighter 5, Capcom Reveals Story Mode, ESPN2 To Air Evo 2016 Final!

It has already been revealed that the new DLC for Street Fighter 5 is going to include a feature that will connect the World Warriors and also introduce a new look for Balrog. Balrog was added as a playable character in the new downloadable content for Street Fighter 5. He has in no given time become one of the trusted lieutenants who work for M. Bison along with F.A.N.G and Vega.

The Street Fighter 5 packs quite a nasty attack from Balrog. His signature move of the V-Trigger can cause a lot of damage to the opponents. The developers at Capcom has revealed this information on their official website and it was met with a lot of excitement among the fans.

The video that was aired at the CEO 2016 first gave the fans a glimpse of Balrog. He had been a part of Super Street Fighter 4, but there are some changes in his character in the Street Fighter 5. He is shown making some overhead punches. Balrog is also going to be capable of spinning punches, which help him maneuver projectiles.

Balrog is going to become a part of Street Fighter 5 with some new moves adding to his already long list of capabilities, and he will get a worthy companion in Ibuki. This character was supposed to be released in May, but the scheduled release was delayed. Apart from Balrog, Ibuki is also going to get some new tricks in the upcoming DLC.

Ibuki is a very experienced character, and the players will be able to make her use her new ninjutsu tricks. The ninja skills that Ibuki is capable of using, are going to place her enemies in quite a vulnerable position since it is not going to be possible to judge what her move will be when she is in mid-air.

Street Fighter 5 DLC is going to include the characters of Alex, Juri, Guile and Urien apart from Balrog and Ibuki.

One of the most interesting parts of Street Fighter is the stories that each character has. Games N Guide has reported that Street Fighter 5 is going to bring in the background story of each of the new characters and also explain some of the things that were left unsaid in StreetFighter 3 and Street Fighter 4. The DLC from Street Fighter is also going to include new narration and episodes and include the viewpoints of different characters.

The Street Fighter 5 DLC will also include new costumes for the characters, including Premiere Summer Costume for Karin, Balrog and Ibuki’s Story Costumes and Premium Battle Costumes for almost twenty other characters. It will also enable the players to play three alternate stages, but these have to be bought, as they are not free content.

There were plans to include Zenny, a currency that could be purchased in the virtual world using real money, but then it was scrapped off by Capcom.

The players can buy the twenty different costumes in the Street Fighter 5 DLC with real money, but they have to purchase the costumes for Ibuki and Balrog with Fight Money or real money.

The Fight Money is the money that the players earn while playing the game. Polygon has reported that each new character in the DLC will cost 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99 real money. The other features can also be bought for either Fight Money or Real Money.