Harmonix To Launch New DLC For Rock Band 4, Hints At New Features By Fall, Balmes Mad Catz For Not Meeting Demand!

Rock Band 4 is going to get its new DLC today. Shacker News has reported that from 5th July, Rock Band 4 is going to have two new songs, one of which will be Where is My Mind by the Pixies and the Lips of an Angel by Hinder. DLC will also pack in some new artists.

Harmonix has informed that the new DLC for Rock Band 4 is going to feature The Black Eyes Peas, Third Blind Eye, Billy Joel, Fuel, Bastille and Brian Setzer. The fans of Rock Band 4 always knew that 2016 was going to be a big year for’ the game since it was set to get its first major expansion pack and they believe that the wait has been worth it.

According to Polygon, when the fans of the games found out that Where is My Mind is going to be featured in Rock Band 4, they were surprised as to how the musical game didn’t include this track from the Pixies in the previous games. A Wave of Mutilation from the Pixies was included in the first instalment of Rock Band, and the remaining songs from their album, Doolittle was released as DLCs in 2008.

There is a lot of anticipation about whether Where is My Mind is going to appear in the DLC for Rock Band 4 in its original version or whether it will be available as the solo piano cover that has become famous thanks to television series like The Leftovers and Mr Robot. MaxenceCyrin’s haunting rendition of the Pixies’ famous track cannot be featured in Rock Band 4 since this instalment doesn’t support the keyboard peripheral, unlike Rock Band 3.

The contents that are being introduced in the Rock Band 4 DLC are not free content and each song will be available on both PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for $1.99.

The best thing about Rock Band 4 is that the over the course of eight years, the game has been less of a sequel and more of migration from one instalment to the next. Harmonix has continued to try and make the whole experience of Rock Band better for the players, by going back to the roots and making changes.

With the Rock Band 4, Harmonix decided to go back to its roots, and it decided to remove some of the features that were introduced in Rock Band 3, but never quite became popular with the players. The bands have been reduced to the basic – one drummer, one bassist, one guitarist with three vocalists.

As mentioned earlier, the keyboard feature from Rock Band 3 has been removed from Rock Band 4 and along with the Pro Guitar. The main reason for removing the keyboard is to prevent one player being left out since most of the songs in the game didn’t include the piano. With the elimination of some features, Rock Band 4 might have lesser number of instruments to tinker with, but there a lot many ways to use them now.

Rock Band 4 is focused on freestyle, which gives the players a lot of option to experiment with. The players can compose their solo piece from the tracks that are part of the DLCs. All they have to do is play around with the high and low frets of the guitar controller. The lead vocalist can also improvise on their solo piece.