Season 3 Spoilers For How To Get Away With Murder, Who Murdered Wallace Mahoney? Let’s See

Season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder finished with a huge cliffhanger, and now fans are highly anticipating the debut of season 3. The cliffhanger involved Wallace Mahoney (played by Adam Arkin) and his son Wes (played by Alfred Enoch). Mahoney ended up getting shot in the head and blood was splattered on Wes’ face.

It was quite a bloody scenario, but people are wondering who pulled the trigger. This question will be answered in a couple of months. Pete Nowalk, the show creator, is keeping it mysterious regarding the future of Keating Five.  Nowalk spoke with Entertainment Weekly and teased that Mahoney could be murdered by Frank.

However, Charlie Weber, the actor who plays Frank, said that he doesn’t have any idea about who shot Wes. Therefore, it is possible that Mahoney was shot by someone else. Is it possible that Wes is behind it? Nowalk said that it is possible. Wallace Mahoney’s case is shrouded in mystery at the moment.

The murderer could be Wes, Charles, Frank or a whole new character. In Season 3, Nowalk could solve this mystery in one episode or investigate it in multiple episodes. However, we can be sure about the fact that Wes will be a much sturdier man in season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder.

Nowalk told Variety that he is very excited about exploring Annalise and Wes’ relationship. Wes already knows about her secret, and now he will decide whether she is to be trusted or not.

Meanwhile, Frank (played by Charlie Weber) is presently on the run. His position of being Annalise’s No. 1 confidante has been left vacant in the group. The other Keating Five members know that Frank’s job was not easy at all. However, it came with certain benefits.

Due to Frank’s connection with the death of her baby, he decided to run away. In fact, Frank’s girlfriend doesn’t know about his current whereabouts. Pete Nowalk said that it wouldn’t be easy, but it will not discourage others from trying as well.

According to Nowalk, the others can do it in their way. Nate (played by Billy Brown), could do it as well. It is not clear whether Frank can be replaced by anyone because he played a crucial role in Annalise’s life.

She has a lot of control over him, but obviously, she has no idea where it all came from. At the same time, he can do anything bad for her.

We are not sure whether any other member of the firm can go as far as Frank went. According to Nowalk, there are some hard shoes to be filled. Wes has the greatest chance to succeed among all the members of Keating Five.

At the same time, he is not interested in catering to Annalise. He will not forget the fact that his alleged father was shot in front of him. In the meantime, Davis announced on Twitter that Season 3 would premiere on 22nd September, Thursday, at 10 pm EST on ABC. The actress said that fans need to mark their calendars so as to remember the Season 3 premiere date.

Davis further included a countdown, saying that only 85 days remain before Season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder begins. She shared a photo, accompanied by co-stars Jack Falahee, Alfred Enoch, Aja Naomi King Karla Souza, and Matt McGorry.