Season 3 Spoilers For How To Get Away With Murder, Who Murdered Wallace Mahoney? Let’s See

Keating Five members were seen wearing full white outfits and blood streaks all over them. Davis can be seen wearing a red dress.

The upcoming season 3 will be a big deal for Annalise Keating and her team of five students. Annalise found out in the final episode that Frank was behind her near-death experience, which took place ten years ago.

The accident resulted in her losing the unborn baby. After discovering the truth, Annalise wanted Bonnie to get rid of Frank. He is no longer the right-hand person for Annalise. As a result, she is presently searching for someone who can take his place.

Pete Nowalk, the executive director, said to Entertainment Weekly that each of them could do it in their way. According to Nowalk, Nate is next likely candidate. He also said that it is not possible to replace Frank completely.

In other news, Pete Nowalk said that the format of upcoming Season 3 would be different from the earlier seasons. He stated that he wants to switch it up so that it doesn’t get stale.  In season 2, there was a lot of emphasis on Rose’s character.

As a result, there wasn’t enough room for other cases. Nowalk said that he wants to balance things from now on. It was further revealed that Oliver, who is a fan favorite, will be promoted to a series regular position in the next season.

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