Call of Duty Black Ops 3 DLC 3 to Be Released Soon, Player Are Awaiting the Release of 4 New Maps!

The new Black Ops 3 Zombies and Descendant DLC will be released by Activision for the PS4, in July and for PC and Xbox One players in August.  In this new DLC, players will be able to shoot in a new environment which consists of new maps from the Descent DLC of Black Ops 3.

Players can experience four new multiplayer maps while using their skills. These four maps are Cryogen, Empire, Berserk and Rumble. Berserk features a Viking village experiencing Blizzards and Cryogen is an isolated cryogenic prison.

Rumble is exciting since it features an isolated robot battle arena. Empire is greatly influenced by the Roman Empire. Activision and Treyarch will show these new maps in the upcoming weeks. Besides the addition of new multiplayer maps, Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC will add a new chapter in the zombie story, known as Gorod Krovi.

It will come with new Origin characters, and they will be included as new DLC content for Black Ops 3. This chapter will take place in Russia during the events of World War II. However, it will occur in an alternate timeline where dragons and mechanized soldiers are scouring the battlefields. You can expect Stalingrad to be one of the key locations.

Players will also need to deal with dragons controlled by Group 935 along with Element 115. The DLC will pick up after the events in Zetsubou No Shima camps.

People who own a season pass will get this DLC for free while others have to shell out $15 for it. Activision or Treyarch did not comment on why PC and Xbox One players will get this DLC after it first releases for PS4 players.

We saw a remake of Hijacked from BO 2 and Banzai taken from World at War. In DLC 3, fans will receive a Raid remake, taken from Black Ops 2. It will be known as Empire in the Descent Map Pack.

There haven’t been many rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming DLC 3 of Call of Duty Black Ops 3. It should have been showcased during the E3 conference. Sadly, a sneak peek for the Update 1.11 was revealed instead.

If the makers don’t introduce any further changes, this DLC will release on PS4 first, followed by Xbox One and PC. According to Christian Times, it will be released early in July. It will include four new maps that come with the new Zombies experience. It’s still shocking that this franchise would make a separate version for the Zombie Shooter.

In the gameplay videos found online, it is clear that we will have to play as one of the four characters, trying to survive a 1940 zombie apocalypse. Players will earn points for killing zombies, and these points can be further used for purchasing ammo, guns, opening secret boxes, revealing new areas of the map and creating escape routes. This new component will make or break the various plans you can use, to survive one round.

Keep in mind that it will last multiple rounds where players need to face progressive zombies with a diminishing supply of ammunition. The familiar personalities in the star-studded voice cast include Neal McDonough, Heather Graham, Jeff Goldblum and Ron Pearlman, as guest voice actors.

‘Gotta Be Mobile’ reported that Treyarch has promised to include maps from Black Ops, World at War and Black Ops 2. Besides the standard rotation of Hardcore and Core playlists, Treyarch will include additional maps as well.