Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Lays The Foundation For A Fierce Upcoming Battle, Will The Time Machine Be Destroyed? Let’s See

Episode 49 of Dragon Ball Super was titled “A Message from the Future! Goku Black Invades!” This episode also discussed the history of Future Trunks. Attack of the Fanboy reviewed it and revealed what Future Trunks have been doing from the time of the Cell saga.

We saw Future Trunks and Black Goku in Episode 48. When they battled in Super Saiyan form, this new villain declared that he wishes to end the Saiyan race.

However, Future Trunks escaped from Black Goku and in Episode 48, we saw Bulma’s son coming to the present. Goku was seen by Future Trunks and attacked. Sadly, the latter thought he was Black Goku.

In Episode 49, Future Trunks finally realized that current Goku is the good Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, Black Goku was unaware of Future Trunks’ location. The latter revealed that in the future timeline, the new enemy looks a lot like Goku. That enemy was named Black Goku by Future Bulma.

In Episode 49, we came to know that the new villain calls himself Goku. People started wondering whether the real Goku turned evil in the future. It was further noted that Black Goku simply arrived a year back, in Future Trunks’ timeline.

He managed to decimate everything and everyone on Earth within a very short time. In the time machine, Future Bulma left a note, instructing her past self on how to make more fuel. The note came with a request about fixing the machine so that Vegeta and Goku can go to the future and kill the villain.

The Dragon Ball series is an epic one, which stresses on both its gaming and anime segments. It was revealed that there is a possibility of Son Goku and Black Goku fighting in Episode 49. The series is currently in a very intense arc since Black Goku has finally figured out a way to pursue Future Trunks. Episode 49 featured a great prelude to an impressive battle.

The plot moves very quickly in Dragon Ball Super, and that’s what makes it so impressive. Although we have witnessed just a few episodes into this arc, some essential points have already been discussed. When Beerus and Whis find out about Future Trunks’ Time Machine, This explains that there are certain consequences of Time Travel.

He talks about the occurrence of a Butterfly Effect, giving rise to an entirely different future. There was a little more explanation regarding the Time Machine and the present-day Bulma found a diary addressed to her, by future Bulma.

The entire plot was quite gripping and informative. The central aspect of this episode was Black Goku making his way to the past. Black Goku has a Time Ring, which enables him to come back to the past. The scene where he came in front of the present-day Z fighters has been regarded as one of the best villain introductions till now.

At the end of the episode, you see Goku and Black Goku staring at each other in traditional Dragon Ball Style. There is no doubt that the next episode will feature a fierce battle between the two Gokus.

Meanwhile, Episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super has been titled, “Goku vs. Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future.” As already mentioned, this episode will feature a battle between Black Goku and our favorite Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, Gojitaaf shared a new teaser which shows Black Goku seeing the Time Machine.