Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Lays The Foundation For A Fierce Upcoming Battle, Will The Time Machine Be Destroyed? Let’s See

According to the translation, when the battle is getting intense with participants raising their power, Black Goku sees the Time Machine. It is useless since he can use his Time Ring for traveling back and forth in time.

However, if he destroys the Time Machine, Black Goku can prevent Future Trunks coming back in time and making it impossible for him to time travel. With Bulma finding the diary, it is possible that even if the Time Machine is destroyed, they can rebuild it from scratch. We are wondering whether Black Goku will manage to destroy the Time Machine.

Moreover, he is very powerful, so Son Goku needs to give his best to defeat him. Meanwhile, Lord Beerus and Whis find out about Black Goku’s Time Ring, and they learn that only Kaioshins can use it.

The trailer was Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 is exciting, to say the least. It shows Goku using all his powers to attack Black Goku. The villain retains his base form but still withstands all attacks from the Super Saiyan.

Goku tries to defeat the villain many more times and finally starts wondering how he managed to time travel. The promo clip ends with Goku slammed against a mountain by an energy blast unleashed by the villain.

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