Harmonix To Launch New DLC For Rock Band 4, Hints At New Features By Fall, Balmes Mad Catz For Not Meeting Demand!

Rock Band 4 has moved towards the modern from the old classics, but the players can use their previous DLCs to import songs to the new version of the game. Yes, the process can be a little troublesome since the players will have to go to the in-game music store or the store for the respective consoles and find out the songs that they have already purchased.

Apart from playing with the old features, Harmonix has promised the fans of Rock Band 4 that they are working on introducing features that have never been used in the game before. While the studio is completely silent about the new features that will roll out in fall, they did inform that these features and modes can be enjoyed by players in every level of difficulties.

Harmonix even revealed that Rock Band 4 is going to get the Fender Jaguar foldable controller. No official announcement has been given, but it is likely to come out later this year.

Ever since the release of Rock Band 4 there have been several complaints about the faulty firmware updates and Harmonix has blamed the manufacturer, Mad Catz for the same. There was a problem where Mad Catz even failed to meet the increasing demand for Rock Band 4 and Harmonix went on record to state that Mad Catz had a problem meeting with the demand.

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