Scorpion Season 3 Will Delve On Toby And Walter’s Move To Come Clean With Their Feelings, Happy To Be In Focus, Premiere Episode Title Revealed!

There is no news about whether the episode will look into a possible war between the states or whether it hints at a fracture in the whole set up in their personal lives. Toby and Happy’s relationship have reached a stalemate and with Walter chasing after Paige to Lake Tahoe, there is a possibility that things might turn out positively in that area as well.

Parent Herald has reported that some of the scenes in Scorpion Season 3 have been inspired by iconic films. This won’t be the first time that Scorpion will shoot scenes similar to some popular films. The episode Fort Knox had elements from Indiana Jones in it while The North Pole had some aspects of The Revenant included in it.

The writers have promised that the viewers will be treated to romance and action in the third season. According to International Business Times, Scorpion Season 3 is going to take the viewers to different parts of the globe and make Team Scorpion face as many challenges as possible.

With the premiere date announced, the fans are lapping up the scoops and waiting for the series to hit their television screen.

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