Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Feature an Iris Scanner, New Display Panel Leaked By Android Authority!

Samsung hopes that this will give them a great advantage over Apple. We already know that the company will change its naming pattern for the Note lineup.

The upcoming Note phablet will come with the number 7 branding instead of 6. If it is equipped with the new iris scanning technology, this phone will be huge regarding sales.

At the same time, the phone is expected to be physically huge as well. Note 5 had a 5.7inch display, and most people were quite satisfied with the size. However, it is expected that the new phablet will sport a 5.8inches display.

You can expect to see a dual curved screen on the Note 7 with a 2K resolution display. You can expect the 2K display to be brilliant while setting aside the fact that Sony has already released 4K smartphones. Sony introduced waterproofing in smartphones but such devices included flaps that were somewhat inconvenient.

Over the years, Samsung has been using a special coating to keep their devices waterproof. It is anticipated that the Note 7 will include this feature as well. However, the S-pen stylus needs a big hole, and that doesn’t bode well for waterproofing. It will be a breakthrough, if Samsung manages to resolve this issue.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 7!