Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs and Reports of New Samsung SSD in This Upcoming Device, More Details

After Microsoft launches Windows 10 for PC on 29th July, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will get its release date. Presently, Microsoft is requesting Windows 7 and 8 owners to register for a free Windows 10 update. Once Windows 10 has been launched, the customers who have qualified will need to upgrade their OS by one year.

Failure to upgrade within the stipulated time will result in expiration of the offer. Meanwhile, the specification rumors for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are currently citing the inclusion of a super-fast 2GB/s Solid State Drive from Samsung. Design & Trend received this news from Business Korea Magazine and Engadget Japan.

According to the latest batch of speculations, Microsoft along with numerous elite tech-outfits has placed an order for a large number of 256GB SSDs that are based on Samsung’s latest NVME technology.

Rumors indicate that this hardware will permit blistering fast transfer rates of upto 2GB/s which is a massive upgrade over its predecessor. Samsung’s PM851 in Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a 600MB/s transfer rate. Engadget further noted that SSD performance has been an issue with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 so far.

From the looks of it, designers are currently toiling to overcome these performance issues in their upcoming model. According to the latest reports, 20 million unit shipments will be accomplished by the second half of 2016. The news comes as a surprise as the Surface line-up from Microsoft features Computer hardware that is directly made by the company.

If Microsoft gets all its hardware by the second half of next year, it would be logical to expect a Surface Pro 4 release date before the arrival of holiday season. Although Engadget reported that new hardware could reach markets by second half of 2015, in reality, the chances are remote.

Besides the latest rumors on the inclusion of Samsung SSDs, Surface fans believe that the next upgrade will come with Intel’s latest batch of Skylake processors. If these hardware rumors turn out to be true, we wonder how it will affect the price of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Keep in mind that all of these are rumors and it’s impossible to be sure about anything until an official confirmation is witnessed. Logically thinking, the release date of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 should be quite far away since earlier this week, Microsoft announced a cheaper variant of Surface Pro 3.

Officially, Microsoft is yet to confirm on the existence of Surface Pro 4. Surface Pro 3 was released last summer and many retail outlets are still selling it. As always, the internet rumor-mill doesn’t pay much attention to such info and keeps spouting new ‘details’.

As mentioned before, the first batch of rumors reported that Surface Pro 4 would release in July 2015 even though Microsoft is still promoting Surface Pro 3, which was released in April this year. In the meantime, the latest technological gossips suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be the first fan-less tablet.

To make that possible, the device will need Intel’s recently released Core M “Broadwell” processor. This report sounds possible since many Surface Pro 3 users complained about overheating and too much fan noise. With the application of a fan-less design, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be much quieter.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs and Reports of New Samsung SSD in This Upcoming Device, More Details”

  1. I know when the original Surface was announced I really wanted one :), the launch was delayed, delayed, delayed and delayed. I also know this ……I BOUGHT SOMETHING ELSE.

  2. I am in the market for a new Surface Pro 4. I am also thinking of purchasing all the goodies that go along with it. I have itchy fingers and want to buy now but can’t get any reliable information from Microsoft as when the Surface Pro 4 is going to be released. I am afraid I can’t wait too much longer than after Windows 10 is released to purchase something. My present computer just took a dump.

    I am sure there are a lot of folks out there like me who will be purchasing another product soon if we don’t start getting some reliable information from Microsoft on when Surface Pro 4 will be available for sale.

  3. It’s coming out this year, relax. MS isn’t about to just say the surface pro 4 is going to come out like 3-4 months before it’s release because people will stop buying the sp3. Why do you think apple never announces a new iphone literally a month before the release?

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