Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs and Reports of New Samsung SSD in This Upcoming Device, More Details

Meanwhile, Microsoft tends to make mistakes with Windows that are often disturbing in nature. After Microsoft released Windows 8.1, a lot of users where unhappy since the standard Start Menu was replaced by a clumsy Start screen. A lot of 8.1 users tried to restore this by making use of third party applications.

Right now, it is being expected that Microsoft will showcase Windows 10 features through the upcoming Surface Pro 4. Reports suggest that Windows 10 will include Cortana, Microsoft’s exclusive intelligent personal assistant software which helps users with their everyday tasks. Microsoft named it after the artificial intelligence character from Xbox Exclusive ‘Halo’ video game franchise. Jen Taylor provided her voice for both Halo and software versions of Cortana.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, stated in a Windows blog that Windows 10 will be more than a one-time upgrade. The company will continue to keep it updated during the supported lifetime of this device with no additional costs. In layman terms, if users upgrade to Windows 10 within a year, Microsoft will keep supporting it for life.

Meanwhile, the latest Surface Pro 3 variant from Microsoft is powered by an Intel i7 processor and apparently, it’s cheaper than the other variants. On the downside, only128 GB of built-in storage space has been included in the latest Surface Pro 3. The original variant which had an i7 processor came with 256 or 512GB of SSD storage. The latest variant with 128GB SSD and i7 processor and 8GB RAM is priced at $1,299.

Stay tuned for updates and info on Microsoft Surface Pro 4!

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs and Reports of New Samsung SSD in This Upcoming Device, More Details”

  1. I know when the original Surface was announced I really wanted one :), the launch was delayed, delayed, delayed and delayed. I also know this ……I BOUGHT SOMETHING ELSE.

  2. I am in the market for a new Surface Pro 4. I am also thinking of purchasing all the goodies that go along with it. I have itchy fingers and want to buy now but can’t get any reliable information from Microsoft as when the Surface Pro 4 is going to be released. I am afraid I can’t wait too much longer than after Windows 10 is released to purchase something. My present computer just took a dump.

    I am sure there are a lot of folks out there like me who will be purchasing another product soon if we don’t start getting some reliable information from Microsoft on when Surface Pro 4 will be available for sale.

  3. It’s coming out this year, relax. MS isn’t about to just say the surface pro 4 is going to come out like 3-4 months before it’s release because people will stop buying the sp3. Why do you think apple never announces a new iphone literally a month before the release?

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