Hart of Dixie: Rachel Bilson Spends Time with Baby, Show Might Get a Spin-Off Given Its Popularity, And More News

The sudden cancellation of Hart of Dixie was a shock to the fans who were hoping that the show would be renewed. There were initial reports that the series has been cancelled because of low TRP, but that wasn’t the case.

Hart of Dixie was cancelled because lead actress Rachel Bilson, who plays the role of Zoe Hart decided to quit the show as she was welcoming her baby girl. Rachel Bilson and her long time beau Hayden Christensen had their first baby, Briar Rose, end of last year.

Rachel Bilson wanted to put her career on hold to look after her baby girl and be a hands-on mother. When she decided to quit the show, the network bosses realised that there was no scope to keep the show alive when the main character herself wouldn’t be there.

When the official news about the show being cancelled, surfaced, viewers believed that it was because of the low TRP that the show was supposedly having. This news has been denied by Jamie King. She said that Hart of Dixie was cancelled since Rachel Bilson went on a maternity leave and not because it was not popular.

King said that it is sad that the show had to come to an end, but the decision to go on a maternity leave is Rachel’s alone and no one had the right to say anything else. King also gave fans a hope saying that she hopes there is a spin-off of the popular series, or that the show at least continues with the other characters.

The network bosses were very surprised when they saw the fan reactions upon hearing that Hart of Dixie has been cancelled. The series wasn’t as popular as they would have expected it to be. The network is thinking of creating a spin-off of the popular series, keeping the other characters and the tone of the series similar to the original.

After the news of Hart of Dixie being cancelled were announced, the fans expected Rachel Bilson to speak up and issue a statement on the issue, but she has been completely quiet. Being a full time mother isn’t an easy job and it is because of this very reason that Rachel Bilson has not come out with any statement after the series was cancelled.

It is not true that Rachel Bilson hasn’t said anything related to Hart of Dixie being cancelled. She did appear for an interview with E! News where she spoke about the inconvenience that the cast and crew of Hart of Dixie had to face when the cancellation was confirmed. Bilson also made it very clear that the show wasn’t cancelled because of low TRP.

Rachel Bilson who was a part of other popular series like OC and How I Met Your Mother, is busy with her daughter. Ever since she gave birth to Briar Rose, Rachel and her beau Hayden Christensen have been careful to not let the paparazzi get to the little baby.

They have not shared any photos of the baby, Rachel Bilson did join Instagram recently and has been posting regularly. Yes, fans did expect photos of the baby girl, but Rachel Bilson has clearly avoided uploading any photos of her daughter. She uses the photo sharing app to share photos of the clothes and accessories of Briar Rose.

The Hart of Dixie actress has shared photos of the matching clothes from Vans with the photo of Darth Vader on it. The actress also shared photos of herself cuddling Briar Roses toys. Rachel Bilson has been a doting mother and she told Health Magazine that she had always wanted babies. She said that she could always imagine having little babies waddling around her house.

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  1. Yes, absolutely. many of us have actively been seeking this.. Such a Heartbreak went it went off the air.

  2. I completely loved Hart of Dixie because I love Rachel Bilson and also, then got to know these actors via this show and loved, loved the stories, hometown feel – great acting. Of course I hated it to go off the air and would love “all” the actors to come back together (or on a spinoff if have to). Good programs a rare on all the many choices of TV, so I will watch and listen for their return (hopefully all together), spinoff, or other!!!

  3. I would Love a spin-off of HOD! Love love love that! I was heartbroken when the show ended. Fingers crossed! xo

  4. The show does not have a spin off and never will. Its not in the show schedule to do so. Why keep bringing this up? Rachel bilson didn’t care about the show anyway and not trying to do anything either. But go shopping and do get her nails done. The only way she get something is someone give her something to do. She got pregnant thought that was going to get her some where and it didn’t. Nobody will hired her because are how she work. Need to stop bringing this up. Hayden haven’t been wirh her in two months . And she haven’t said anything about it. Its sad to bring rhis baby in this situation. She won’t let people see the baby. Hayden be absent and you never see him wirh thebaby at all. He still leaves when he get ready and she never talk about him anymore. Hayden is a absentee dad.

  5. I love this show and hated hearing it got cancelled. I would come play zoes sister as another doctor hahaha xoxo

  6. I loved the show and was so mad it kept all us fans in a uproar! The show should come back! Look at all the people that lost their jobs! It’s not fair to fans or employees ,that is wrong on all levels! The show was a great clean family oriented show ,no cussing,no nudity it was so great! Rachel and Jamie could bring the babies to the set with a nanny that way they can still be with their children to check on them right there close to the set! As far as not wanting the public to see them to keep paparazzi away have security b there,Rachel and Jamie has enough money to do that! The paparazzi will find your babies one day anyways! I know you two want to protect your babies ! You both are probably great moms, but think about what happened to all other cast and employees, or does Rachel don’t care & Jamie to! I think it should come back like a bang! I was an awesome show,please take into considering the fans and especially employees! Make a child care place for the kids so you mom’s can be there to check on them and to have lunch with the babies! Have a Secutity person in charge of keeping paparazzi away! A nanny to interreact with them it’s no big deal! Hart of Dixie is a great show! Rachel and Jamie do they care for the cast and personal jobs! It’s ashamed they are acting this way,not thinking of anyone else but them selves, people will see the children eventually anyways! Come on girls the show must come back! It’s simple take the babies with you to work with you it’s so simple,nanny and security! Lots of actors do that so they can be with their children, not a big issue! The employees are suffering they lost their jobs that had to be so hard on them,the cast too! Put all the decadence away! You all were all was like family to me! Really ladies think about other people, besides your rich money never needing anything,think about the people who were your cast, and other actors and every person getting things for you! It’s time to Get Hart of Dixie back on the air! I solved your problems childcare,on the set and security from paparazzi……… So it’s time for your fans and cast and employees to get back what we had before! Rachel fans love you and Jamie!

  7. While I would love another series of HOD maybe a spinoff with George and Annabeth with some of the HOD cast popping in and out would be the next best thing, I miss HOD x

  8. This is a gem of a show in a lineup of reality shows, vampires, and crime shows. Everyone in the family can enjoy it. If Rachel Bilson no longer wants to do the show, then continue the story lines of Lavon and Lemon, Annabeth and George, and Shelby and Brick. There are so many endearing characters in the town, so I am hoping that Netflix will pick up this show and continue it.

  9. Rachel should move on with someone else’s and let Hayden go. They certainly not no parents to this child atall. If Its his child why not show some pics are the baby. It must not behis child then. something wrong there.

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