Minions: Universal Ropes in Global Partners to Market Minion, Set To Create Box-Office Success, And More

Universal is releasing its Minion movie worldwide on the 10th of July and they are not leaving any stones unturned to make the biggest movie of all time. Universal has confirmed that their marketing plan for Minions in the largest ever seen.

The Despicable Me spin-off with the favorite banana loving yellow creatures has over taken American lives. Universal has revealed to Deadline that the promotional campaign that they have adopted for Minions is the biggest that they have undertaken in the recent past.

Given the kind of success that the largest studio has seen this year, so far, it can be easily said that they want to continue the success trend and not want to lose out on the animated movie.

Universal has already made the biggest business ever and David O’Connor, the executive Vice-President of Universal is hopeful that they will better it with the upcoming animated film. Minion has become an integral part of the pop culture and children and adults are all aware of its presence.

From the ages 3 to 80, everyone is bitten by the Minion bug and this strategy is what Universal is focusing on while tying up with all the leading global brands. They have tied up with McDonald and General Mills. Apart from that they have took to outdoor advertisement by spending a lot of money on coloring the adorable yellow creatures in all the important locations around the country, apart from putting up posters.

Amazon has always been roped in to advertise for the upcoming Minions film. They are delivering customers goods in a yellow Minion box. A New Jersey based color matching firm, Pantone has also launched a Minion yellow color on the occasion. Even Tic-tac has launched Minion shaped box for their new range of Tic-tac’s to promote the film.

The Minions came into the forefront with the Despicable Me movies where they helped the anti-hero Gru carry out his bad tasks. We were initially told that Gru had created them to serve his purpose, but the recent spin-off tells us something more.

The Minions were not created by Gru. They have existed since time immemorial and helped all the cavemen and dinosaurs before serving the other baddies who came after them. The Minions are left alone when all their masters die. They will get a new master, whom we will see in the upcoming Minions film.

Scarlet Overkill, who is voiced by actress Sandra Bullock, takes them over and is all set to use them to carry out her evil plan to steal all the jewels from the British monarch. Set in 1968, the soundtrack of the film has been based on the songs of that time period.

The Minions film may not be a popular one among the adults, for they will want to see Sandra Bullock’s character carry the film on her shoulder. Scarlet and her gadget loving husband who gets his voice from actor Jon Hamm are the only humans in the film.

The real stars of the show are of course Kevin, Bob and Stuart. The audience might not be aware of what they are saying in their gibberish Minions language, but their antics and demeanor are enough to convey what they are saying to the audience and they hit the right spot on every single occasion.

Universal is confident about a box-office success with Minions because animated films seldom failed in the box-office. The summer of 2014 was a slow time for the movie industry because there was less number of animated films as compared to 2013. Universal plans to cash on this demand for animated films with their upcoming venture.