Katy Perry: Replaced in the Upcoming Smurfs Movie, Currently Placed at #3 in the List of Top 100 Celebrities, And More

According to a report by Variety, actors Demi Lovato, Mandy Patinkin and Rainn Wilson have been set to lend their voices in the forthcoming Smurfs movie. The castings were declared in collaboration with Global Smurfs Day.

We got to know that Lovato, who has replaced Katy Perry for this particular role, will be lending her voice to the character of Smurfette and on the other hand, Patinkin will be lending his voice for Papa Smurf while Wilson will lend his voice to the wicked wizard Gargamel.

The president of Sony Pictures Animation, Kristine Belson, in an interview with Variety said that they have gathered a team of directors and actors who have grown up with these adorable characters and the movie ‘Get Smurfy’ will be made with the same essence of quest that has made everyone a lifelong fan of these petite blue characters.

In an interview with Variety, producer Jordan Kerner revealed the storyline about the next movie. This movie is basically about how these little blue guys were introduced in the ealier movies. This movie will be all about the how these characters were originated.

Sony is preparing to release the movie on 31st March, 2017.

We heard that Katy Perry and John Mayer have ended their relationship. But it seems that the couple has rekindled their relationship! These two celebrities were seen together on the fourth week of July in Chicago.

TMZ reports that in Chicago, on Saturday Perry has hugged Mayer at the Grateful Dead concert. E! Online reveals that the couple was very casually dressed. Mayer was in a pair of denim jeans and a blue shirt and singer Katy Perry looked elegant in a grey sweater and a blue bandana around her neck. Well this is not the first time that the couple was seen together after they broke up back in March.

A website also added that Perry and Mayer visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California together back in May. They enjoyed their stay at the park during midnight. The two were also speckled getting cozy while having a meal at Los Angeles’ famous food joint, Ysabel, in April.

A source revealed this very fact to E!Online that the couple neither stopped talking nor did they stop being friendly after their breakup. They are quite happy about being together and spending time with each other as much as possible.

Before getting into a relation with Mayer, Perry was married to Russell Brand who is a British comedian. The two got married in a very luxurious manner in northern India, in 2010. Well, their relationship lasted for only two years before getting separated.

In the “World’s Highest Paid Celebrities List” published by Forbes, Sofia Vergara, who was at the 95th position in the list, earned $28.5 million in 2015. But apart from Vin Diesel and Judge Judy’s tie, Katy Perry beats Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

As a whole, the calculation is Tay Tay brought in $80 million while on the other hand Tidal loyalist made $54.5 million. The total equals $134.5 million, $500,000 short of Katy’s yield.

Katy Perry had never visited Rome before last month and she figured out that she’s able to adjust quite comfortably to the Italian standard of living.

During an interview with Forbes, Katy unveiled the cover story on how she became the top-earning non-boxer celebrity on the planet, and that she used to have pasta twice a day.