Katy Perry: Replaced in the Upcoming Smurfs Movie, Currently Placed at #3 in the List of Top 100 Celebrities, And More

Perry went to Rome for a big business, for both the cover shoot and a film shoot, but she is willing to stay in Italy for a long time. She wants to visit the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican City and the other notable places within the country.

Katy has been quite the road warrior of late. She visited 27 countries while performing in 124 concerts in the past years. This is the sole reason that she has earned a staggering 134.5 million and has been featured as the number three celebrity in the Celebrity 100 list!

Perry has never been into proper schooling. She got her GED at the age of 15. For this reason she tries to build up her missing time by squeezing personal museum trips into her to-do list when she is on a tour.

Katy Perry also said that if she had a chance to go back to school, she would study history in order to know how people evolved, from where they came, how they work and lots more.

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