Minions: Universal Ropes in Global Partners to Market Minion, Set To Create Box-Office Success, And More

Despicable Me 2 did a better job that Despicable Me and with a 2017 release of Despicable Me 3, the analysts at Universal Studios are sure that the immense popularity of the Minions in the pop culture will push people to the theatres.

Minions have reached the million dollar global club and insiders feel that it would have been surprising if they hadn’t made it to the club. The Minions movie had been creating a buzz since last year and with the global marketing strategies, and pre-booking offers on tickets, Universal has surely got their trump card for this year.

Minions was originally supposed to be released on December 19th, last year, but Universal decided to push back the release date to 2015 summer in order to bring out the marketing strategies in full force.

Yes, there is no escaping the Minions. They are everywhere, from the town marquee to the walls of the Wal-Mart, from gift wrappers to bandages to lunchboxes and shoes and clothes and paints to Twinkies.

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