Suits Season 5: Harvey Replaces Donna While Mike Tries to Win over Robert, And More

Suits Season 5 is already back on television and the fans can see what’s in store for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty). The previous season had shown Donna resigning as the assistant to Harvey and going ahead to work with Harvey’s nemesis Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman).

Louis and Donna have always got along and the two even share a friendship, in spite of Donna being Harvey’s secretary. This season, the professional relationship of Donna and Louis is going to be tested. Louis has hired Donna to work for him, knowing how efficient she is, but he is under constant fear that she will leave him and return to Harvey. Their professional duties will also start taking a toll on their friendship as Suits Season 5 progresses.

As expected, with Donna leaving, Harvey was badly hit and he is not able to cope with it. Harvey is already susceptible to anxiety attacks and with Donna out he spirals down and seeks professional help. This is where the new member of the Suits star-cast is introduced.

Harvey approaches Dr. Paula Agard, who is a Harvard educated psychiatrist to help him out. Played by Christina Cole, Dr. Agard will help Harvey get a grip on himself and try to come to terms with Donna’s absence.

The first episode of Suits Season 5 showed Harvey flushing all his anxiety pills since he realizes that with Donna gone he has to get over his anxiety. Show creator Aaron Korsh has said that Harvey has a lot of deep seeded issues dating way back to his past and these will take time to resolve.

Episode 1 of Suits Season 5 started with Harvey shaken up with Donna’s departure and in episode 2 we have Harvey already planning to fill in Donna’s place with a new secretary, though he knows no one will be as good as her.

When asked who will play the role of Gretchen, Harvey’s new secretary, Aaron Korsh said that no actress has been cast in the role of Gretchen yet.

He said that Gretchen might be unforeseen. This has made fans feel that she might turn out to be another Norma. Norma was Louis Litt’s secretary, who was never seen on screen, but only heard about in the conversations shared.

According to reports, Gretchen will be completely different from Donna and Harvey’s main reason for hiring her is that he knows no one can ever match up to her and he also doesn’t want a repeat of the thing he had with Donna and will do anything to avoid it.

Apart from Christina Cole, Suits Season 5 will also introduce a new character, whom the viewers are familiar with, but have never seen on screen. This season will see Jack Soloff on screen. Soloff is the Head of the Compensation Committee and he is out to make matters difficult for Harvey.

Jack enjoys a rather prestigious position in the firm and he uses his power to gain further control. With him coming into the picture we see a new problem brewing for Harvey. Jack Soloff points out how Harvey ends up making more money than any of the other attorneys in the firm.

Both Gabriel Macht and Aaron Korsh have revealed that Jack Soloff is the man to watch out for this season because he will make trouble for Harvey Specter after coming down from the accounting floor.