Suits Season 5: Harvey Replaces Donna While Mike Tries to Win over Robert, And More

Apart from Harvey issue, Suits Season 5 will also deal with Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and his upcoming marriage to Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle). Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) might have given Mike the green signal to ask his daughter’s hand for marriage, but he doesn’t really like his future son-in-law and Mike will have a tough time getting on his good books.

The upcoming episode 3 will see Mike coming up with different antics to impress Robert Zane. Mike is likely to make Robert Zane co-counsel a case. Rachel tries to mediate between the two, but is given an odd assignment by Jessica (Gina Torres).

Harvey Specter is an extremely popular character and Gabriel Macht spoke about his surprise at this. The actor candidly discussed in an interview that he had recently met a fan in New York who said that he adored Harvey Specter and Gabriel Macht found it unbelievable that the audience would love a guy who has anxiety issues and has to tackle everything in an aggressive manner.

Well, Gabriel, we indeed adore Harvey and it is no unbelievable. Fans of Suits can tune in to episode 3 of Suits Season 5 on 8th July. Until then visit the page for more updates and scoops about the new season.